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Gill Ferguson LRPS

Gill has been fascinated by photography since being taken into her father's darkroom as a very small child. At the age of seven, she was given a secondhand Box Brownie camera, after a lot of badgering.

For many years Gill used Nikon film cameras and then Nikon DSLRs.

She switched to the Olympus Micro  4/3 system in 2017 and has found that the Olympus OMD EM1 11 (what a mouthful) has renewed her passion for photography.

Gill has taught in adult and further education for most of her working life.

She spent some time lecturing on cruise ships. Gill's commissioned images have been used for commercial websites, travel brochures and academic books. She is on the Speakers list for the Royal Horticultural Society and regularly gives presentations at Garden Clubs and Photographic Societies.

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