About - Gill Ferguson Photography

Gill Ferguson

I have been fascinated by photography since I was taken into my father's darkroom as a small child. I was given a secondhand Box Brownie camera, after a lot of badgering, when I was seven.

For many years I used Nikon film cameras and then Nikon DSLRs.

I have now switched to the Olympus micro  4/3 system and am finding that the Olympus OMD EM1 11 (what a mouthful) has renewed my passion for photography.

I have taught in schools and adult and further education for most of my working life. I spent some time working on cruise ships, lecturing and helping people to understand their cameras. My commissioned images have been used for commercial websites, travel brochures and academic books. I am on the Speakers list for the Royal Horticultural Society and regularly run day courses at Summer Schools.

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